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Jan 2020 -
May 2020

Data Analyst

LT Foods Ltd.




Marble Surface


June 2023 - Present

Associate Biostatistician


Memphis, TN

Conducted survival analysis on clinical trials and observational studies using R by collaborating with a team of researchers.


Implemented meticulous data cleaning and validation procedures, ensuring accuracy and reliability of research data.   

Automated data extraction from Redcap, and TrialMaster to perform statistical analyses and cost-effective analyses.

Innovated an auto data querying program for data validation, ensuring reliability of research data before storing in MySQL, while saving 300 hours/year.

Providing statistical support to 5+ clinical studies focusing on pediatric cancer by utilizing statistical methods, interpreting statistical results, and making valid inferences.

May 2022- Aug. 2022

Data Science Intern


Built a multi-touch attribution model on customer data to correct a bias in regional in stock and glance view in stock-based metrics. 


Quantified the combination of data dimensions causing the difference between two important metrics for customer experience on

This helped the business team to take actions on the findings and improve the overall customer experience.

Bellevue, WA

Nov. 2021 - May 2022

Data Analyst


Engineered data pipelines to stream data from university’s data warehouses, reducing data delivery time by 40%, thus automating the dashboard creation in Tableau to find the trend of company’s alliance with the university.  


 Examined the top contributing companies to our organization and made changes in the scoring criterion for the best operational approach, leading to the implementation of a project development plan for 5 campuses.

Bloomington, IN

July 2020 - April 2021

Business Analyst




Involved in collaborating with different teams to understand their business problems and provide Quantitative/Analytical solutions.


I implemented a tool in Python to assist the team with the impact analysis of the shifting of the Warehouse Management System(WMS) to multiple regulators. 

I am responsible for the implementation of reports and dashboards that affect the day-to-day process of the company. Apart from this, Providing timely output and applying my acute analytical skills, I have helped the firm in many effective decisions.

Jan 2020 -May 2020

Junior Data Scientist

LT foods logo_edited.jpg



I assisted my guide with data analysis. Adeptly learning the imperativeness of data sets in developing futuristic strategies to leverage organizational profitability, and conducting predictive analysis to analyze where the company missed targets led me to develop concrete action plans to avoid the same for the next fiscal year.

Designed a scalable process for validating high-volume sales, traffic and inventory data from new pipelines and integrating it into the existing environment


The exhilarating experience of working on massive data sets and analyzing them piqued my interest in Data Science and its varied applications.

June  - August 2019

Data Science Intern


My key responsibilities entailed data mining, predictive analysis and utilizing Machine Learning tools and algorithms for analyzing large data sets, and this project equipped me with decision making, conflict resolution, and problem-solving capabilities.

I also worked on contextual text mining to extract subjective information from the source material, subsequently using R language to conduct the Analysis of Variance and Linear Regression resulting in Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count Analysis.

The complex project inculcated advanced data exploration and data extraction capabilities in addition to team-work, leadership acumen, and research acuity.


United Kingdom




Master of Science, Data Science

Bloomington, USA

  • Applied Machine Learning

  • Statistics

  • Econometrics Big Data (Machine Learning centric)

  • Exploratory Data Analysis in R

  • Applied Database Technologies

  • Network Science



Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science and Engineering

Indore, India

  • Database Management Systems

  • Data Structure and Algorithms

  • Analysis and Design of Algorithms

  • Data Warehouse and Mining

  • Machine Learning

  • Big Data And Hadoop

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